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According to the Newark Extended Care Facility in Newark New Jersey, Mr. William Taylor passed away on June 4th, 2003. Mr. Taylor had been receiving treatment at the facility. The staff would not confirm cause of death. Mr. Taylor was 74 years old.

Mr. Taylor "aka" Shooby, was re-discovered in spring 2002 by producer Rick Goetz. Nobody from Shooby's dedicated fan base, including Mr. Goetz, were notified by hospital staff of his death when it occurred.

Shooby Taylor was born in Indiana Township, PA, on September 19, 1929. Shortly thereafter he moved with his family to Harlem, where he spent the majority of his life. Besides Shooby's several decades of pursuing a career as a scat singer, he also worked 21 years as a New York City postal worker.

Shooby will be remembered for his great skill as one of the world's most unique vocalists. Shooby's music will forever remain a profound source of happiness for his many fans.

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