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Status of Shooby Taylor release on Absolutely Kosher Records

by Irwin Chusid

We're negotiating licenses for the underlying recordings (Miles Davis, Erroll Garner, Christy Lane, Harmonicats, Dexter Gordon, Grant Green, Johnny Cash, etc.), which are owned by obscure mom & pop companies like Sony-BMG, Universal, EMI, and Warner Bros. It goes without saying that these leviathans have more seismic concerns than our bottom-feeder licensing applications. But we intend to pursue this legally, and conclusively. We could have released a 5,000-unit run below the majors' radar, but as Cory put it, "You have to plan for success." We don't foresee platinum chart action, but such an idiosyncratic release will attract curious journalists, which in turn could draw attention from the copyright police. If we get pulled over, we want to flash the law our valid license and registration.

We'd hoped to get approvals wrapped in time for a late 2005 release, but progress has proceeded glacially, so we're targeting a Spring 2006 release. But that could be pushed back.

We've selected 21 tracks, which have been digitally remastered from the original 1/4" reels. If we fail to obtain licenses for particular tracks, we have alternates. We are expecting a few rebuffs, because in some cases final approval is vested with deceased performers' heirs, who might interpret Shooby's over-the-top vocals as "disrespectful" to the original recordings. We haven't encountered that reaction yet, but we're not that far along in the licensing process.

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