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Shooby Misunderstood: Legal release of Shooby Taylor delayed by record industry execs.

The commercial package-ability of the Shooby Taylor sound is currently under scrutiny by music label representatives. Since many of Shooby's songs are sung over previously licensed material, pressing an album requires a series of licensing requests and agreements. So far, exectives have made no progress in this regard, leading to a great deal of frustration within the fan community.

Irwin Chusid, music connoisseur and front man in the struggle to get Shooby's music legally distributed, stated "We want to do a first Shooby album right. That means we need recordings of him scatting over other artists' recordings." Filling an album with strictly Shooby's acappela work would not do him justice.

Millions everywhere are being deprived of Shooby's glorious arias due to licensing executives' dismal lack of foresight. The Shooby fan base - intent on expanding awareness of the music of Shooby Taylor - is devising strategies for establishing a forum for discussing Shooby's talents with primary players within the music industry.

Many argue that simply studying the lyrics of Shooby Taylor awakens joy and celebration within them. The music needs to also be intently studied by those whose approval determine whether a successful album release can ever occur.

Several point to mesmerizing lyrics such as "Slrdluhluhluhluh Shru-duh-da Buh, Luhluhluh Duh Luh Sora, Duhluhluh Pruh Su-du-ruh" and "Poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy" as true innovations in the world of scat. Long time fan Rebecca Flourndesich thinks of Shooby's sound as being a cross between scat and speaking in tongues. "It's like he becomes possessed and the words tumble uncontrollably from his lips at a rate that's hard to believe or mimic."

Organizers hope to arrange listening parties and sing-alongs with several higher-ups in the music industry. Stay tuned for organizing efforts in yor town soon.

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